Dog Training

Advanced Class


By the time you reach this stage of your dog’s training you should be proud of what you have already achieved and will be keen to learn more; you will be able to reach a higher standard as a consequence.

In addition to what you have learned at the intermediate level, new exercises will be introduced including Scent Discrimination, Stop the Dog (for emergencies), out of sight Stays, Recall to Heel and Heelwork in slow, medium and fast pace. Fun exercises are introduced in a relaxed manner. Because the dogs are now steady, they can be off lead throughout the lesson but this will obviously depend to some extent on the nature of the dog.

Having completed the advanced course you may want to continue with your dog’s training. Sometimes people like to repeat the course if there is space in order to work their dogs amongst a different group of dogs.

Some move on to Agility where good obedience is needed in order to compete. PAT Dogs (Pets as Therapy) is a wonderful charity that work with adults and children, Reading to Dogs is another way of helping particularly if a child is too shy or embarrassed to read to an adult.

You may wish to start competing in Kennel Club Obedience competitions. Or, you may just be happy to have trained the perfect family pet to spend your life with!

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