Dog Training


We offer a selection of classes for dogs of various breeds. No two dogs are the same and many breeds require different techniques, that’s why we give each dog and handler individual attention to reach their full potential.

An opportunity for puppies to meet other puppies and handlers in a safe environment.

With the aim of teaching your dog basic forms of obedience in Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Heel.


For better control of your dog as they get older and behaviour may become more challenging.


To produce steadier and more reliable dogs to a higher level of achievement in all disciplines.

Home Visit

In some instances a home visit may be preferable in order to sort out a particular problem. It may also be helpful if the timing is not right for joining a class and you would like individual help in the meantime.
Send your details using the form for more information and to arrange an appointment.

    Professional dog training and behavioural classes in Surrey. Qualified and experienced advice for you and your dog.


    Kennel Club Listed

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