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Beginner Class


The beginner course is for dogs from the age of 5 months who have either completed the puppy course or, if older, those who have missed out for whatever reason on early training. Handlers will be seated at the start of the lesson and a short discussion or demonstration of an exercise will be given before handlers practice. Advice on the correct use of equipment will be offered in order to help handlers achieve the best results.

The lessons are taught in a safe and friendly environment. The course builds on success so handlers are encouraged to devote time each day to teaching the different exercises introduced so that week by week the dogs become more reliable and their responses improve.

The aim of this class is to teach your dog basic forms of obedience in Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Heel. Kind methods are used and training is reward based. A reward is something your dog likes i.e. a tickle behind the ear but more likely food. Weaning the dogs off food is also addressed because a relationship built on food alone is not a strong one.

Handlers are taught the difference between a “Lure” and a “Reward” and how to achieve this. A good relationship built on trust, training and play will produce good results and your dog’s general behaviour will improve thus building your relationship with him/her.

By the end of 8 weeks your dog should understand the basic commands as outlined above and be ready to move on to the intermediate course the following term.

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