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Following vaccination, puppies can attend this course, which offers the opportunity to participate in The Kennel Club Puppy Foundation Course which requires you to attend for 4 weeks. During this course the puppies will have plenty of opportunity to meet the other puppies and handlers in a safe environment.

Each week new exercises will be introduced and following a demonstration by the trainer the handlers will practice what has been introduced. The trainer will then observe handlers individually and offer help where needed so that success can be achieved. There will be an opportunity to ask questions at each session which will probably be on a subject that will interest others in the group but if it is something unique to a particular handler and dog then the handler is asked to send in an email explaining the problem so that valuable time is not lost during the hour’s lesson.

A variety of training and behavioural subjects will be covered and each week in addition to the paperwork provided by The Kennel Club, you will receive a weekly helpsheet and handouts on subjects such as: Jumping up, Recall, Heelwork, Separation Anxiety, Children and Pups, Socialisation, Bite Inhibition etc. Many problems can be resolved by intervention at an early age thus stopping any bad habits developing. Children are encouraged to participate and the puppies settle into the beginner classes more easily having attended a puppy course.

By the end of the 4/5 week course your puppy should be well socialised with different people and a variety of different breeds of puppies. The puppies should be able to Sit, Lie Down, Stay in one position for 10 seconds (but many will manage longer than this), walk to heel on a loose lead, recall to handler, share and play with toys. Puppies can be quite noisy at times and therefore suggestions are offered as to how to deal with this unwanted behaviour in a class environment. Handlers will learn how to groom and handle their puppies – puppy teeth can be very sharp! At the end of each short course a puppy certificate will be awarded once you have achieved the standard required.

Course Details

£120 (4 week)
£140 (5 week)

Professional dog training and behavioural classes in Surrey. Qualified and experienced advice for you and your dog.


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