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Intermediate Class


The objective of the intermediate course is to extend the training introduced in the beginner course so that dogs become steadier and more reliable, capable of working on and off lead around other dogs. The dogs settle quite well into this course if they have already experienced a term in beginners. There may be other dogs whom they already know and the handlers are more relaxed because they may know others in the class too.

The exercises introduced will again be explained before handlers practice. The aim is to improve the obedience, especially during this “teenage” time which handlers can find quite challenging. The Stays will be done off lead and out of sight introduced. Heelwork will be off lead and around cones. Also, Distance Control and Send to Mat/Bed. Fetching an article and bringing it back to the handler (Retrieve) all good for teaching your dog that he must obey you for his safety and that of the general public.

Homework sheets are given out each week with suggestions for practising the different exercises. The dogs enjoy these activities which can only be introduced once basic obedience has been achieved.

By the end of this course your dog should be responding to you much better and you should be enjoying their achievements along the way.

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